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  For over 10 years we have delivered zinced steel in the Baltic markets, Europe and the CIS. Our specialization enables us to deliver exact specifications to our clients which can help them in all situations. Having sourced suppliers from all over the world we can always meet customer's needs because we have a broad range of qualities and prices. Today we deliver the zinced steel from such countries as: Russia, Kazakhstan, India, China, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Sweden.
  Building and maintaining relationships and trust with our clients allows us to understand their requirements and supply the right product, in an effort to meet more of our customers needs we not only offer hot dip galvanized steel but can deliver zinced steel with a polymeric covering as well as Electrotechnical steel. We offer our steel flat products customized to our clients requirements whether that be sheet steel in a roll, cut in strips or cut to length sheets. Please contact us and use our knowledge in this sphere.